• Hour of Power
    A bi-monthly meeting with agencies, individuals and non-profit organizations that introduce the benefits of the district, school or family partnership with the "Hour of Power" representative.  Many of our "Hour of Power" (HOP) representatives actually collaborate among themselves to form a stronger program for our district, school or families.

     Collaboration of "Church & State"
    A bi-monthly meeting with Faith Based Organizations (FBO) within the Ferguson-Florissant School District's footprint. Principals present a list of needs to the FACE director and this information is shared with FBO at the bi-monthly meeting for collaboration.  Programs and outreach opportunities are shared with FACE during these meetings as well. The goal is to provide the families, schools and the district with news shared with the FACE Department from FBO.

    Coffee Conversations
    Coffee Conversations are quarterly meetings with parents of middle school students that are struggling academically.  The meetings provide opportunities to share with parents academic interventions, address behavior concerns and provide a platform for parents to be heard in a less intimidating format.  The FACE Department approach the meetings in a non-judgmental manner to initiate positive interactions between the school, the district and families.