Preschool for 3's and 4's

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    Our 3-year-old preschool program is designed for children who turn 3 by July 31st of the year they will begin preschool.  Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 
    Our 4-year-old pre-kindergarten program is designed for children who turn 4 by July 31st of the year they will begin pre-kindergarten.  Classes meet Monday-Thursday in the afternoon.
    Full-day preschool classrooms are located in each PK-2 building.  Students attend Monday through Friday and follow the normal schedule for PK-2 buildings.  Students are placed by attendance area in their home school.  
    Preschool at Little Creek is a unique program that provides an outdoor learning experience for children one day each week.  Students enrolling in this program would attend class 2 mornings per week (3-year-olds) or 3 mornings per week (4-year-olds) at Parker Road with one of those days being outdoors (weather permitting) at Little Creek.  Transportation is not included and would need to be provided by the parent.  The routine and schedule at Little Creek would be consistent with daily class routines and schedules.  Children will engage in centers and exploration, small and large group activities, music and movement, story time and snack.  In addition, children will go on explorations and hikes while at Little Creek.  Children enrolling in the Little Creek Program at Parker Road would also receive home visits by your child's teacher as a part of our Parents as Teachers Program.  
    Discovery Classroom at Little Creek                           Journaling at Little Creek
       Nature Walk
    To enroll in a full-day preschool classroom, students must be independent when using the restroom and able to communicate toileting needs.   
    Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD is implemented in all classrooms.  Creative Curriculum and GOLD align tightly to the Missouri Early Learning Goals that have been established by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  To find out more information about the Missouri Pre-K Standards, visit their website at DESE-Missouri Early Learning Standards.  To learn more about how Teaching Strategies GOLD aligns with the Missouri Early Learning Goals, click Missouri Early Learning Goals and GOLD Alignment.
Preschool Classroom


    Parents as Teachers

    An important part of the Ferguson-Florissant preschool and pre-kindergarten program is the regular personal visit with the teacher or Parent Educator, parent, and child.  Parents often tell us that the personal visits are their favorite part of the program.  These one-hour visits occur approximately every five weeks, and can be scheduled during the day or, if needed, early evening.  Parent Educators talk with parents about their child’s development and parenting issues.  Everyone does an activity together, learning about how children work in school.  In very special situations, these personal visits can occur in the school if no possible home arrangement can be made.

    To learn more about the Parents as Teachers program, contact our Parents as Teachers office at 314-824-2077.  

    It is very important that all appointments for personal visits be honored.  This is one of the things that makes this program so successful in helping children be ready for kindergarten.  Teachers and parent educators have very busy schedules and appreciate being called if someone is sick and a personal visit must be missed.  Parents’ ongoing commitment to the full program is very important for children’s success.

Home Visits


    Screening Process

    Your child will receive a developmental screening as a part of the enrollment process for preschool.  All students must have a completed screening prior to enrolling in one of our Early Childhood preschool programs.   


    Class Placement

    Students are placed in a class location based on their home address.  All students are placed on a waitlist after receiving a free developmental screening.  Students are assigned to classrooms as space becomes available.  For more information, you may contact our office at 314-824-2074, or send an email to