Attention Families:


    2019-2020 Open Enrollment is now closed.

    To enroll, please call or come by the Early Education.


    To enroll in Ferguson-Florissant's Preschool program, students must be independent when using the restroom and able to communicate toileting needs.  


    • Preschool:  Vogt Elementary 200 Church Street, Ferguson, MO 63135  (Room 107) Contact Carmen Flowers, Early Education Office Manager, 314-824-2074


    • Head Start (click for more detail and special income requirements):  Bermuda Elementary 5835 Bermuda Drive, St. Louis, MO 63121 (Door 4) Contact Kathy McGee, Head Start Manager, 314-687-1972


    • Early Childhood Special Education (for all students currently receiving special education services):  Vogt Elementary, 200 Church Street, Ferguson, MO 63135 Contact Amy Dawson, Early Childhood Special Education Office Manager, 314-824-2073


    Please print and complete the following forms.  You will need to bring the completed forms along with the necessary documents for enrollment to the Early Education office.  There will be additional forms to complete in our office at the time of enrollment.