• Mark Twain Student Support Center

    The Extra Mile 2016-2017


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Mark Twain Student Support Center is to provide excellence in alternative educational opportunities, vital to diverse learners requiring support in academic and social interactions. 

    We implement, with fidelity, a disciplined, safe, and supportive environment for students to develop the values of cooperation, responsibility, and respect for self and others.

    We collaboratively link home, school, and community as equal stake holders in supporting our students as life-long learners.

    We empower students to be higher level thinkers and problem-solvers that can effectively communicate and advocate for themselves.



    Vision Statement

    Mark Twain Student Support Center is a place where learning comes in many shapes and forms.

    Mark Twain Student Support Center is committed to providing a school environment where the responsibility for high expectations in learning is shared between our students, our parents, our staff, and our community. 

    All students and staff are shown dignity and respect, in order to empower students to self-advocate for their needs and wants.

    We find the teachable moments to provide positive feedback that will focus our students in becoming productive citizens in the global society. 



    Value Statement

    We will provide clear and consistent expectations.

    We will provide opportunities for students to observe staff modeling productive citizenship, responsibility, and caring attitudes.

    We will challenge students to be active participants in their own education.

    We will empower our students to be self-advocates by understanding themselves and their individual needs.


    Walking in Your Shoes