When and how will notification of cancellation or closing be made?
    We make every effort to notify schools and parents as soon as possible when a decision is made to cancel activities or close schools because of weather.

    Notifications are generally made by 2 p.m. for after-school activity cancellations or by 5:30 a.m. for school closings. If deteriorating weather conditions make it necessary to dismiss school early, we send out notification of that decision as early as possible.

    In the event that early dismissal is necessary, every effort is made to contact parents directly in addition to the normal notifications outlined below. For this reason, parents are strongly encouraged to ensure that their child's school has updated contact information on file at all times.

    When a decision is made, the following local media are notified: KMOX-AM, KTVI (Channel 2), KMOV (Channel 4) and KSDK (Channel 5).  In addition, a district-wide automated telephone message, email, and text message is delivered and notification is posted on the district website at fergflor.org, on our Facebook page and Twitter account, and a message will be recorded on the district's main telephone number at (314) 687-1910.

    Are after-school care programs such as YMCA Latchkey included in cancellations?
    The YMCA Latchkey after-school care program may remain open if after-school activities are canceled. Please see the Emerson Family YMCA's Inclement Weather Policy for more information.

    Are 21st Century programs canceled if after-school activities are canceled?  
    Yes, 21st Century is considered an after-school program and would also be canceled.

    Are evening activities canceled if there is an after-school cancellation or if school is closed?
    Yes. However, special consideration may be made for inter-school athletic events/tournaments.  Coaches will communicate with students to let them know the status of any scheduled games. Please check with your child's school's athletic director for more information.
    If an outside organization has a building use permit, is their activity or event canceled if after-school activities are canceled or if school is closed?
    On the day of the cancellation or closing, activities held by outside organizations with permission to use a district facility are also canceled.

    If school is closed on a Friday, schools that are scheduled to have Saturday activities held in their buildings will be notified by Facilities on Friday afternoon whether the Saturday events can go on as scheduled or if they must be canceled.

    Notices of closings on Saturdays will be posted on the district website and a message regarding Saturday use of facilities will be recorded on the district's main number at (314) 687-1910.

    If there is an early release due to inclement weather, are all employees allowed to go home?
    Please refer to Appendix T of the District policy handbook.

    Who is responsible for supervising students if they are not picked up?
    Building administrators are responsible for supervision of students.  Support staff may be asked to stay to assist with supervision of students as part of their normal duties and responsibilities if needed.

    What should students do if they use public transportation to get to school?
    Students will be allowed to contact their parents if desired to make arrangements to get home. Otherwise, they should use their regular means of transportation to get home when school is dismissed.

    If there is inclement weather on a Saturday, how will I know if events being held that day in the district are canceled?
    If district facilities are closed due to weather, a notice may be posted on the district website and on the school closing information line on the district's main telephone line at (314)687-1910. Participants may also call the main phone number of the school where the event is to be held, or they may be notified by event organizers of any cancellations of weekend events in the district.

    What impact do snow days have on student achievement?
    An interesting study published in 2012 by a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government showed that individual student absences had a more serious negative impact on student achievement than system-wide school closings.