FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • We hope that this website has provided you and your family the information you need to decide which of our programs best fits your needs.  Certainly feel free to contact our office at 824-2080 if you have any additional questions.
    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:
    Q.     How old must my child be to attend your part-day preschool program?
    A.     Your child must be 3 years old on or before July 31st to attend our two-day a week preschool program for 3s and 4s.  Your child must be 4 years old on or before July 31st to attend our three- or four-day a week pre-kindergarten program.
    Q.     Do the children have snack time during the part-day preschool program?
    A.     Yes, children should bring with them a small, simple, nutritious snack that can be eaten in 10 minutes during snack time.  Soda, candy, and chips are not allowed.  Children should carry a small lunch box or a paper sack for their snack.  We also encourage you to send your child to school with a bag to carry their snack, projects, and artwork home in.  Large-sized gift bags or paper grocery store bags work well for this.
    Q.     Does my child need to be potty trained for preschool?
    A.     For full-day preschool, children should be able to communicate toileting needs and independent when using the restroom.  
    Q.     Do you offer before or after care for your full- or part-day preschool program?
    A.     No.  Unfortunately, there is no safe, supervised place for your child to wait before or after class.  Part-day teachers provide personal visits with families or have another class when they are not teaching your child in class.
    Q.     How old does my child have to be to attend full-day child care?
    A.     Our Child Development Centers offer early care for children beginning at age 2.  To attend full-day preschool, students must turn 3 on or before July 31.
    Q.     What is the cut-off date for kindergarten entry?
    A.     Missouri law states that your child must turn 5 on or before July 31 of the current year to be eligible for kindergarten.  Ferguson-Florissant School District has no flexibility on this requirement.
    Q.    Is transportation provided?
    A.    Transportation is not provided for the 2020-21 school year.
    Q.     If I do not live within the Ferguson-Florissant School District boundaries, can I still enroll my child into your program?
    A.     Full- and half-day free preschool is limited to families who live within the District boundaries.  Our Child Development Centers are open to all families.  If you are interested in the Parents as Teachers program, but do not live in the Ferguson-Florissant School District, you may contact your local school district to enroll or contact the Parents as Teacher National Center.
    Q.     If my child is currently in the 3-year-old preschool class, do I have to re-enroll?
    A.     Yes.  During the month of February, your teacher will give you a re-enrollment form to complete and return to her in order to re-enroll for next fall.
    Q.     Can I enroll even if I don't have all of my documents?
    A.     Unfortunately, we are not able to accept incomplete enrollment packets.  If special circumstances keep you from enrolling your child in preschool, please contact the office.  Click here to find out exactly what you need to bring with you to register.