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    Students on the GO! is a team-based program to engage high school students in an active and healthy lifestyle year-round. ALL students are welcome -- no running experience is necessary.
    Students train to run or walk (or a combination of both!) the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon each April. Students embark on a personal journey of self-discovery where they explore and experience the lifelong benefits of a comprehensive health and fitness program.
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    Program Goals:
    The goal of the program is to target students who could use the benefits of a structured running or walking activity. The program engages them to experience the benefits of goal-setting, discipline, teamwork, improved health and a feeling of accomplishment in a positive and supportive environment.

    For 2017, GO! St. Louis will partner with 16 St Louis area high schools. Principals, Teachers along with students will follow a 20-week incremental training program schedule. The GO! St. Louis staff, along with outside experts support the team members with motivation, nutrition tips and training tools to carry out the program. Students train a few days a week after school and then complete one weekly long run on Saturdays in Forest Park.
    Students and North sponsors will begin training in September one day a week on Wednesdays at 2:40pm.  In November, we will build up to two training days per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays).  At the end of January we will continue our Tuesday/Thursday group runs and add on our group long run at Forest Park on Saturday mornings with the students from the other local participating schools.  It is a great way to get in shape and meet some awesome students from the St. Louis area.
    SOTG is geared towards students who are not already involved in sports and gears their training program to help students of any level of fitness to successfully train and complete the half-marathon in April.
    Students who are involved in other school sports and activities can participate, but must meet with the group at least once per week to qualify to earn the special SOTG incentives as well as keep a log of their runs: distances, locations, and times that will be shared weekly with Ms. York and Ms. Bergamini.
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    Go! St. Louis has also incorporated a service component of the program and students must complete service hours to qualify to be part of the program.  If you are already completing service hours for other organizations or groups, be sure to keep a log and have an organizer sign your log form.

    Students and teachers involved in the program earn incentives for attendance that are also a benefit to their running and walking training. These include running shoes, a race-day shirt and finisher’s jacket. Students also receive complimentary entries into other GO! St. Louis events in June and October.

    Scholarship Program:

    Qualifying students may apply to the Students on the GO! scholarship program for financial assistance to pursue post K-12 accredited job skills training, two or four-year higher education degrees.
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    What students say about their SOTG experience:
    "I never thought I'd run a half-marathon, but now I've run two and I plan on running more." - Becca
    "SOTG gave me the opportunity to make new friends and pay for college.  I only wish I had joined sooner!" - Hannah
    "I never thought about running for a good time, but now all I think about is the good times we had running together." - Tori
    We hope that you will join us for SOTG and bring a friend!  Running is much more fun with a buddy.  If you have any questions about Students on the Go! please contact Ms. York in room 1260 or by e-mail kyork@fergflor.org.  Want more information about Go! St. Louis or Students on the Go?  Please check out this websitehttp://gostlouis.org/community/students-on-the-go/