North K.I.C! is a group of caring and compassionate students that want to see the world around them to be a happier and kinder place.  Students meet once a week to share and brainstorm ideas and then choose a kindness activity for the week to complete before the next North K.I.C! meeting.  We hope these acts of kindness will be contagious and spread throughout students and staff in the building as well as to the community.
    Q: "Sounds great!  What do I have to do to join?"
    A: You don't have to do anything to join, just show up!  Any North students and staff members are welcome!
    Q: "I'm in!  Where and when?"
    A: North K.I.C! meetings will be once a week on Wednesday mornings in room 1260 between 6:40-7:10AM.
    Q:  "I ride the bus and can't get there by 6:40AM.  Is that okay?"
    A:  Yep!  Stop by anytime between 6:40 and 7:10AM to share your kindness ideas and to find out what the kindness activity is for the week.
    Q:  "What if I can't make the meeting?  How do I find out what the kindness activity is for the week?"
    A:  Follow us on Remind by texting the message @mnkic to the number 81010
    If you have any questions contact Ms. York by e-mailing kyork@fergflor.org or by stopping by room 1260.