• Every year, the Ferguson-Florissant School District, in its endeavor to provide the highest quality education and support to all learners administers a comprehensive literacy screener to every student. Since early intervention is key to improving a student’s literacy skills, our goal is to identify any and all struggling students at the earliest opportunity and to intervene with research-based strategies.

    A new literacy screener will be added this year to meet a new state mandate for Missouri schools. The new state mandate requires the following:

    ● All students in grades K-3 must be screened for components of dyslexia
    ● Any students in grades 4-12 grade must be screened at the request of a parent or teacher
    ● All staff must be trained to identify signs of dyslexia and interventions to support struggling readers
    ● Schools must communicate with parents/guardians regarding any action plan created after screening

    The screener will not tell us if your child does or does not have dyslexia, however, it will provide valuable information so we can plan for further instructional support if necessary. After screening occurs, we will contact you if we have concerns about your child’s reading and what, if any, interventions or supports are recommended.