• April 19, 2019

    Dear Ferguson-Florissant Staff Member:

    This message is being sent to all staff to provide information regarding staff moves for the 2019-2020 school year.  Teacher requests for information regarding their placements for the 2019-2020 school year have frequently included questions regarding district plans for moving teacher materials.  Instructional materials, other classroom/office items, and personal effects have been considered. 

    We anticipate having boxes, tape, and labels delivered to schools by the Facilities Department during the next few weeks.  Please delay boxing up classroom materials until after standardized testing is completed. 

    As you know, there is much to move and clean to prepare schools before teachers return in August.  Every attempt will be made to conduct these moves as efficiently as possible.  Those who will coordinate and conduct this process will need to have as much flexibility as can be afforded to make adjustments if changes outlined here become necessary.


    • All teacher items being moved must be boxed, taped, and labeled.  We will only move items that will fit in the boxes provided.  Teachers must sign a waiver for any personal itemsmoved by the District in case of loss or damage to items.


    • Once boxes are loaded, sealed and labeled (labels may be found here:  (http://new.fergflor.k12.mo.us/restructure/moving/labels/) boxes should remain in the current assigned room/area at your school.  Please complete the label by marking your destination room number and the total number of boxes (for example, if you have 10 boxes, the boxes would be numbered as 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc.) 


    • All federally funded materials and technology must be boxed, labeled and remain in the current building pending inventory. Additional instructions will follow around the process for items purchased with federal funds (e.g., Title 1).


    • No school furniture should be moved.  All classroom furniture will stay with the building (Administration may determine a need to move student desks or chairs based on grade level needs at other locations).


    • All district-owned teachers’ desks, chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, shelving, etc., will remain with the building.


    • Personal items that do not fit in the provided boxes must be moved by the owner.

    (e.g., area rugs, lamps, beanbag chairs, shelving, bookshelves, misc. chairs, etc.)


    • Personal refrigerators (of any size) or microwaves are not permitted. These items will not be relocated to new sites.  Refrigerators and microwaves are provided at each school in staff lounges.


    June 1-30

    • Custodial Staff will begin summer cleaning at all locations (ongoing).


    • Classroom furniture will be moved to the appropriate grade level – this may include moving furniture to different buildings.


    • All curriculum and instructional materials will be moved to appropriate grade levels/locations.


    • Boxed teacher items will be moved to a staging area in their current building (this area will commonly be the gym unless another area is designated by Terry O‘Neil).

    July 1-August 1

    • Custodial Staff continue with summer cleaning.


    • Teachers’ boxes will be moved to new building/room assignments.


    • Once a school is ready (cleaning has been completed and boxes have been moved), notice will be provided that school access for unpacking may begin.   This “release” of schools will be determined by Terry O’Neil.  Updates on the status of school  readiness may be found here: http://new.fergflor.k12.mo.us/restructure/moving/

    Please submit questions or concerns regarding this move here: Moving Questions.  Note the attachments and look for additional communications as we move forward.

    It is understood that moves can be challenging.  Please understand that your help in adhering to the process described here will help us better help you prepare for the 2019-2020 school year.  Thank you.

    Larry Larrew

    Deputy Superintendent of Operations