• Staff Moving Q&A

    We have received some questions from staff regarding the moving process.  If you have a question and don't see your answer below please submit your question at Moving Questions.

    Q: I am a preschool teacher and many of our items will not fit into the district size boxes provided. What will be the process for those items?

    A: It depends on the item.  Most larger items are staying with the building, like desks, chairs, etc.  If the school will not be a PK-2 school the furniture and larger items will be moved to a PK-2 school as determined by Administration.


    Q: I am remaining at my same school, will my cabinets be moved to a new classroom?

    A: Most furniture items will remain in place unless they can not be used in that classroom based on grade level.  Internal moves (same school different room) are handle by the custodial staff as they are every year there is a change in classroom only.  This will be handled in the same manner.


    Q: I will be moving buildings, but teaching the same grade level. There was talk that perhaps I could keep all my teaching materials and take with me. There is a lot of time/effort/energy that goes into prepping the teacher manuals and trade books that we use in our teaching. It would be great if we could keep our own materials if we are teaching the same grade level.

    A: Yes, your teaching materials will be able to move with you.  Please check with your supervisor for further information. Tiffany Besse is coordinating curriculum and will be allowing teachers to keep their materials for the same grade level.


    Q: I have used the boxes, that the reames of paper come in for our building! I have two classroom sets of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade health books! 21 books fit perfectly in those paper boxes, that have lids on them. Those boxes provided, will be way too heavy to move, once they are filled with the health books! Suggestions?

    A: At this point if they are already packed, we will move them.  From this point forward use the boxes provided and keep the number of books the same, so they will not be too heavy.


    Q: What is the procedure if you are staying at the same building? Will all items need to be boxed, since we don't know room assignments for next year? Can room assignments be made ahead of time, to prevent packing and unpacking if not needed?

    A: Whether you are staying in the same building or moving to another, you will need to pack your classroom for the summer in the boxes provided and label them with the classroom # once the is determined.  This is needed for moving and cleaning purposes. There is a good chance that you will at least change rooms. The custodial staff will move the boxes within the same school as they do any year when someone changes.  Room assignments are being determined by the school administrators and should be shared as soon as possible.


    Q: With things that cannot fit in a box such as clear plastic containers or drawer carts, can they be taped shut, labeled, and moved that way?

    A: Drawers of any kind should be emptied, even if the cart or furniture is being moved.


    Q: How large are the provided boxes and how many will be provided?

    A: The general size is 15X12X12.  We started with ten per teacher, however we will provide additional boxes as needed.


    Q: I am an art teacher and I have boxes of clay, will they move those?  Also, I have boxes of yarn and tissues, will they move those as well?  I have rectangle shaped boxes of paper that need to be moved, do I move those myself?  Lastly, I have tubs of artworks, will they move those as well? Please let me know as I have varied sized containers and I am almost done packing.

    A: We are currently discussing with Administrators over the art program about what will be moved, you will be notified by your supervisor soon.


    Q: How will classroom materials that will not fit in the provided boxes be moved? (Examples: Kitchen aid mixers, realityworks babies and car seats, electric /gas portable ranges, demo table, printer, filing cabinet and other large items purchased with Perkins funds) How should I pack/ label these items?

    A: If you are with Early Ed, we are coordinating moving unique items with the Director of Early Ed.  Ranges should never have been allowed in classrooms, this is again fire code...so they will not be moved, but will be disconnect and disposed of in some manner.


    Q: What should be done with items I do not wish to take with me?

    A: If they are District owned items leave them at the school and we will send them somewhere they can use the item or we will dispose of it, , if they are personally owned you need to dispose of them.


    Q: I haven't seen instructions regarding shredding.  Where is the staging area. Is the District planning to hire a shredding vendor, etc.  Thank you.

    A: No, shredding will be handle as you would on a normal basis.


    Q: Does this mean that if I have stuff in different boxes, boxes that were not provided, that those will not be moved?  Also, when do the boxes arrive at the schools?

    A: Boxes that were not provided by the District will not be moved unless arrangements have been made in advance with Facilities/Terry O’Neil.  Boxes will arrive at the schools throughout the summer.  We are moving to and from every school in the District. THere is a website set up that will track the moves.  It will provide when the move to an individual school is in progress and completed. The completed status will be in reference boxes moved and placed in classrooms and all summer cleaning is complete.  Access for teachers will be determined by the principal after the completion of moving and cleaning.


    Q: I am moving from Cross Keys to Johnson-Wabash.  Do I create my own label or was it supposed to be a part of what was included in the label link?  If it was supposed to be a part of it, my label was not there.

    A: If you provide your name we can check to assure labels are available.  However, there is the option of selecting a blank label and writing your name, destignation, and the number of boxes (1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.)


    Q: I am an SSD Essential Skills/Functional Curriculum teacher at Wedgwood. We were instructed by our SSD coordinator to follow the same  process as our FFSD colleagues. I came into Wedgwood this school year with a room already full of materials, some of which was sorted, culled and pitched at the beginning of the year. Very little of it is personal.  Would you please clarify some things in the moving process?

    Will teachers be limited to the 10 boxes provided or do you mean that additional boxes cannot be larger than those provided?

    A: We will provide as many boxes as you need. You can request more boxes as needed.


    Q: What about items that are not personal, but storage for manipulatives and other materials such as 3-drawer plastic storage cabinets, crates, 3-ring binders, boxes and games that are program purchases but won't fit in the boxes, curriculum sets, parts of which are large chart-paper sized, supplies such as paper, notebooks, office and craft supplies, adaptive chairs for specific students, cooking/kitchenware and supplies, and the SSD computers?

    A: Any items that are owned by the School District will either stay where they are for the use of the students and staff at that location or if items need to be moved based on grade level, administration will determine where these items will go.


    Q: If a teacher is teaching the same grade level instructional admin has arranged for teachers materials/curriculum to move with the teacher.  

    A: It must be packed per the instruction for moving boxes. Any other extenuating circumstances or needs should be discussed with the principal and assistant superintendent.


    Q: I have 3 file cabinets with curriculum materials and documents, two of them old, repainted with the locking strips attached down the side that use a padlock and one newer, that I do not know whether they are SSD or FFSD (I will check with my principal to see if they are on Wedgwood building inventory). Will they be moved if they are SSD or am I going to have to box up the files and hope I can get file cabinets at the new school?

    A: Either way all files must be removed from file cabinets.  We will not move file cabinets or other items that have items inside.  If they are SSD file cabinets they will be moved with you.


    Q: Will I have to move the odd sized items, storage units, or additional boxes, above the 10 boxes that were provided, myself?

    A: There is not limit of 10 boxes.  We will provide additional boxes as needed.  Odd sized items and storage bins will stay at their current location unless arrangements are made for them to move.  Moving of any items that are grade level related will be determined by administration. If there is an extenuating circumstance you should contact your principal and/or assistant superintendent.


    Q: I am the PAT coordinator. Will my desk and hutch be moved to the new location?

    A: If you are currently assigned to a school that will be closing (Airport Elementary?), if so, we will move needed furniture from that school to a new location.  


    Q: Airport and Vogt will be closing, what do we need to do with the cafeteria items in the kitchen. What is the time frame and procedures ?

    A: This will be coordinated through the Food Services Department.


    Q: If I am reading this correctly....Do I box and label the boxes even if I am staying at Combs?

    A: Yes, all items must be removed from the current classroom for cleaning and moving purposes.  You will most likely be changing classrooms and the custodial staff will move your items as they do every year when someone changes classrooms in the same school. If you are staying in the same room the items still will be removed for cleaning.


    Q: Can I move my personal items that I want to move to my new classroom at the end of the school year since I am staying at Combs?

    A: No. We will be moving boxes and items from every classroom and staging items, cleaning rooms, hallways, offices, restrooms, cafeterias, gyms, etc. Due to this we can not have personal items there during this time.


    Q: Can I move my boxed items to my new classroom at the end of the school year or will those district boxed items be moved to the general space as stated in the email?

    A: They will be moved as stated in the email/letter. All classrooms need to be emptied, cleaned, and then items will be moved in.



    Q: Most (OT, PT, APE) files are stored in SSD owned file cabinets. We were informed that file cabinets will remain in their current buildings. Can an exception be made to move the locked file cabinets containing confidential files? 2. Additionally, I have some large PT equipment at Wedgwood (treadmill, lite gait, pediatric adapted classroom chairs with wooden lateral supports which would be too small for Middle school students at Wedgwood, postural control benches, rolling stools,walkers, wheelchairs, footstools, therapy mats, and other therapy equipment that would not fit inside a box. Can we expect those items be moved? The Lite gait has to be taken apart to fit through the door and it will be in parts. All of this equipment belongs to Special School District

    A: We do not move file cabinets that have items in them.  This is for several reasons. All items should be boxed from the file cabinets before they are moved. We will coordinate with SSD Director

    Q: I have several items that are stored in clear Rubbermaid containers with lids. Will they move those boxes or do I have to move items to the boxes provided?

    A: It is prefered that all items are in the provided boxes, it helps in the moving process for stacking and placing in the truck as well.  If they can fit into the boxes without having to unpack them, that would be helpful. Otherwise we would have to look at them to see how they would work for packing/moving purposes.

    Q: I have always taught K-1 and the shelves in my room were purchased for primary grades. They are sectioned to hold tubs (not books/textbooks) and all my materials have been organized to fit into these tubs. Can these shelves move with me? I do not think they will be of use to a 3-5 teacher.

    A: We will be determining items that need to be moved due to grade level changes in schools. Please provide this information to your principal.