The Ferguson-Florissant School District (FFSD) provides this tool to streamline the request and issuance of work certificates and permit requests, as required by the Missouri Department of Labor
    1. Print the Department of Labor form at this link (visit your school's counselor/librarian/main office for printing assistance);
    2. Complete the Department of Labor form's sections A and B thoroughly and neatly, ensuring that you have obtained signatures from your parent/guardian and the prospective employer; and
    3. Submit this Google form.
    This Google form should only be completed once steps 1 - 2 are completed.  After the Google Form is received, the following outlines the next steps:
    1. The student grades (no more than two Fs on the most recent report card) and proof of age will be reviewed; 
    2. The student's parent/guardian will be contacted within three school business days to schedule the face-to-face meeting (proper identification required); and 
    3. The authorization or denial of the certificate or permit will be issued.
    Thank you for your interest, and please contact Brad Johnson, Director of Career and Technical Education, at 314-824-2251 or bjohnson@fergflor.org with any questions/concerns.