• The Ferguson-Florissant School District uses a standards-based grading and reporting system for Kindergarten through fifth grade. Standards-based grading measures student learning of the standards which are aligned with district curriculum and state academic standards. The grades are based on the ability of a student to apply content knowledge and skills in and/or across content areas based on well-defined course objectives.

    • All assessments are linked to learning standards.
    • Standards Based Grading uses a 1, 2, 3, 4 grading system.
    • Grades are based upon the most current mastery of the learning standards. Grades are not averaged.

    What Standards Based Grading is NOT:

    • a one-time test
    • an interim test (benchmark, quarterly, midterm, final, etc.)
    • unknown expectations
    • factoring extra credit, attendance, bonus points
    • focused on completion of assignments

    What Standards Based Grading IS...

    • indicates what students know and are able to do
    • measures a student's progress towards proficiency
    • indicates if a student has reached mastery
    • teachers give a variety of assignments and assessments
    • is authentic to the learning experiences of students, based on complex tasks, not rote memory
    • Involves a demonstration of proficiency, not a guess on a multiple-choice test


    For more information about standards based learning and grading, please access the Canvas course at https://fergflor.instructure.com/courses/21958.