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    We hope that the 2019-2020 school year will be one full of wonderful memories and exceptional learning opportunities for your child! 
    We are all excited to have your support!
    -Ms. Bergland,  Mr. Balentine, Ms. Meyer, 

    Our team's website will provide: important announcements, homework information, extra resources, and contact information. Please visit our team site often to stay up to date on all things Rockets!


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    • Remember to read for 30 minutes everyday and complete an Accelerated Reader (AR) Test when you have finished reading your book! 
    • We will visit the library each Wednesday during the last 30 minutes of class. This time is to be dedicated specifically to reading and improving your reading comprehension skills. 
    • Please bring the following materials and suppies to class each session: binder (or 3 notebooks and 1 folder), 2 blue or black ink pens, white out (optional), and a book to read.


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  • Congratulations to The Rocket Students-of-the-Month for September 2019!

    Both of the following students enjoyed eating special lunch with 5 of their friends! They received a certificate, mechanical pencil, and tasty brownie dessert! They also had their photo take with their friends!  


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