What is Ci3t?

  • Ci3T refers to a continuous improvement model of prevention that includes three tiers of support for students so that they can experience success academically, behaviorally (positive behavior interventions and support, (PBIS)), and socially (e.g., Second Step). Using problem-solving and data-based decision making, this model addresses students’ varied needs and offers school-site leadership teams a structure to consider multiple needs simultaneously in an integrated fashion. This model also builds in regularly scheduled planning time for school-site leadership, grade-level, and department-level teams to review data in order to assess implementation, consider stakeholders’ views of the program, and examine students’ academic, behavioral, and social performance” (Lane, Oakes, & Menzies, 2014, p. 123).

Intervention Pyramid
  • The critical components of Ci3T are well-designed curriculum and instruction (academics), interventions at increasing levels of intensity for behavior (PBIS), and social-emotional learning (SEL). The three-tiered model provides struggling learners with supports and interventions at increasing levels of intensity.