• One District United

    Understanding (Accreditation & Achievement)

    Maintain accreditation (70% or higher) and support student achievement by focusing on MSIP 5 and MAP scores, subgroup achievement, attendance, graduation rates and college and career readiness. 

    Networking (Stakeholder Engagement)

    Engage all stakeholders with opportunities for dialogue, community outreach and events, feedback surveys and proactive and transparent media relations.

    Infrastructure (Infrastructure and Processes)

    Enhance the district's infrastructure though ongoing maintenance, energy efficiency and process improvement savings and technology.

    Talent (Talent Management)

    Develop talent management by recruiting, training, engaging and retaining a highly qualified, diverse staff. 

    Economics (Fiscal Responsibility)

    Demonstrate fiscal responsibility by achieving a balanced budget, increasing reserves and implementing expenditure controls.  

    Decorum (School Climate)

    Promote a school climate conducive to learning through district-wide implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS), reduction of classroom disruptions and discipline incidents, and parent and teacher surveys to monitor progress and gain feedback.