• COVID-19 Updated Masking FAQ

    What does it mean to be “mask-recommended”?

    When schools are mask-recommended, students, staff and essential visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings, but not required.

    How will masking during after-school activities and sports be handled?

    Masks are recommended during after-school activities, sporting events and community events at all schools. We will continue to follow MSHSSA guidance for our student-athletes. 

    Will masks be required on the bus?

    No. Masks are recommended on school buses but they are no longer required on school buses.

    What other COVID health and safety protocols are being used in schools?

    Ferguson-Florissant School District continues to offer a layered approach to reduce COVID-19 transmission within its schools. The following strategies are being used:

    • Handwashing is encouraged throughout the school day and students have access to hand sanitizer.
    • Custodians and other school staff continue to clean high-touch areas on a frequent basis.
    • We continue to encourage families to consult our FFSD Health Checklist when determining whether to keep a child home or send that child to school. 
    • We encourage all eligible students, staff and community members to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Resources available for families:

    Coping with anxiety as mask mandates lift

    Dealing with bullying over face masks at school

    Reassuring children