• Standards-Based Grading

    Report cards will look different in Grades 1-5 for the 2021-22 year. To help you understand how student progress will be reported, we have created a Q & A sheet to answer many of the questions you may have. Beginning with this reporting period, we will be using the same format to report progress as you would see on your child’s report card at the end of each quarter. This enables teachers to report specifically on standards and give you a better idea of how your child is performing in Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies and/ or Science. 


    What are standards?

    Standards are statements about what students should know and be able to do within each content area at each grade level. This curriculum is identified in the Missouri Learning Standards, which can be found online HERE.


    How is standards-based grading different from what we're currently doing?

    Traditionally, student performance for a quarter was based on average scores from the entire quarter.  Early scores could be averaged together with later-quarter performance in which a student demonstrated proficient performance.  Typically, student work habits affected the overall grade, such as incomplete or missing homework or participation points being averaged into the overall grade.

    Standards-based grading communicates how a student is doing on a set of priority standards.  It takes into consideration consistent performance as well as the most recent data collected and separates behavior and work habits.

    Traditional Grading

    Standards-Based Grading

    Connected to assessment methods

    Directly connected to standards

    Achievement, effort, attitude, and behavior are all factors

    Achievement is the only factor

    Every grade recorded with minimal support for re-assessment

    Most recent assessment information used

    Averaging all grades

    Various forms of data collected

    Variations of assessment quality

    Quality assessments aligned to standards


    Why have we moved to standards-based grading?  

    It is important to remember that this really is a change in how we communicate student understanding, not necessarily what is happening in the classroom. SBG shows parents/caregivers their child's progress within the district’s curriculum. With this system, parents will know how their child is progressing toward mastering standards in each subject area.  It is a much better way to communicate progress. Many educational researchers consider standards-based grading more fair to students and a best practice.

    How will this affect Special Education students?

    Students who are currently receiving services from Special School District (SSD) will continue to work on IEP goals just as they have in the past. If a student is in the resource room for an entire subject, the SSD teacher will assess and report student progress through progress goals. However, if a student is not in the resource room for the entire subject, the SSD teacher and regular education teacher will collaborate and report student progress.


    What will each of the numbers in the 4 point scale represent? 


    Student exceeds learning target


    Student meets learning target


    No major errors or omissions regarding the simpler details and processes, however, major errors or omissions exist with more complex ideas and processes


    With help, partial knowledge of some of the simpler and complex details and processes


    Even with help, no success


image of student running up a set of stairs