• Galileo Benchmark Assessment Growth Calculator

    Ferguson-Florissant School District uses Galileo K-12 as a benchmarking assessment tool. The Galileo benchmarks are administered four times a year. Each assessment is aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). 

    Data from the benchmark assessment tells the teacher which standards students have successfully mastered. Galileo gives a score for each student that focuses on ensuring all students are on track to achieve at least one year of growth or more.

    Parents and students can track their learning progress through the Galileo Growth Calculator.

    If you know your student's latest Galileo Benchmark Developmental Level (DL) score, this calculator will show the current achievement level of the student and what their goal is for the next Galileo Benchmark Assessment.


    *Galileo Benchmark Developmental Level (DL) score can be seen in the ‘Assessments’ section on the Parent Portal.


    Galileo Growth Calculator