Welcome to Kindergarten
  • There are two kindergarten classrooms at Combs.  Ms. Mitchell is located in Room 1 and Ms. Mills is located right across the hall in Room 2.  Together we bring over 21  years of teaching experience and ten years of experience teaching kindergarten.   

    Classroom Rules and Expectations  

    At Combs School, we encourage the students to follow the “Spark”

    (S.P.R.R.C.) Plan.  S.P.R.R.C. stands for the character traits:

    Safe  Peaceful  Responsible  Respectful  Cooperative

    When a student is caught following these rules, he/she will be rewarded with a DOJO point.  He/she can earn a DOJO point from any staff member in the building and even from the bus drivers while riding the bus. 

    Your child will also have the opportunity to earn a smile each day.  Be sure to check your child’s homework folder every night to see what kind of day they had!

    Weekly/Monthly Rewards:

    Kindergarteners are learning expected behaviors.  DOJO is a school-wide computer based program, which recognizes positive behaviors seen throughout the school.  When your child is caught acting positively, your child will earn a DOJO point. 

    At the end of the week, if your child has earned enough DOJO points, they will be able to earn a special classroom incentive, such as computer time or special snack.  They will also have the opportunity to earn a school wide incentive such as an extra recess with a snow cone. 


    If your child is having a tough day or making poor choices, they can lose DOJO points.  When a point is lost, your child has the opportunity to gain their point back by following the classroom rules and expectations.  Remember, the more points they have at the end of the week or month, the more likely they are to earn the classroom and school-wide incentives!

    Our school-wide consequence plan is as follows:

    1-3 Warnings:  Verbal Reminder

              *This is your child’s opportunity to get back on task and make great decisions without any consequences!

    4 Warnings:  Time Out in Our Classroom

              *If the behavior continues after 4 warnings, your child will go to his/her safe place in the classroom.  This is an opportunity for your child to cool down peacefully but still take part in classroom learning.  If this occurs at any time during the day, a note will be sent home explaining the behavior. 

    5 Warnings:  Phone Call Home

              *If the behavior continues after 5 warnings and time out was not beneficial for your child, a phone call home will be made to discuss the behavior your child displayed in the classroom. 

    6 Warnings:  Time Out in Our Buddy Room; Phone Call Home

              *If the behavior continues after verbal warnings, classroom time out, and phone call home, your child will to the buddy room for a time out.  This allows your child to cool down away from his/her classroom and peers.  An additional phone call home will be made if your child needed to be removed from the classroom.  You will be updated on the displayed behavior, what occurred to prompt removal to the buddy room and when your child rejoined his/her class. 

    7 or more Warnings:  Office Referral

              *If the behavior continues or escalates, your child will be referred to the office. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.    Thank you all for your support and making sure your child has a successful school year!

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