An aerial image of The Innovation School at Cool Valley
  • The Innovation School at Cool Valley will provide a student-centered learning environment, where students are actively invested in their learning and are challenged to pursue their interests. Each student will have access to curricula that is relevant, personalized and allows them to do real work outside of school. The advisor helps each student create a personalized learning plan, which integrates academic goals, individualized needs as well as real-world projects based on the students' interests and passions preparing them with 21st-century skills. The Innovation School will open in August 2019 with 60 ninth graders. Each year a grade level will be added.

    How Does The Innovation School Work?

    • Leaving to Learn: Learning Through Internships: Students work two days a week in an interest-based internship with a mentor from the community on an intellectually rigorous real-world project that is connected to their learning goals.
    • Advisory Structure: Advisory is the core organizational and relational structure of the Innovation School design. Students stay with an advisor and a group of fellow classmates for four years.
    • Post-Secondary Planning: Students develop plans that contribute to their future success -- be it through college, trades, schools, travel, the military, or the workforce.
    • School Organization: School is organized around a culture of collaboration and communication. Students are not bound by the structures of buildings, schedules, bells, or calendars. There is an interdependence between school and community.
    • Authentic Assessments: Students are assessed not by tests, but by public displays of learning that track growth and progress in the student's area of interest. Assessment criteria are individualized to the student and the real world standards of a project, exhibition, and senior thesis.