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Room Builders: Fifth Grade PBL Presentations


An image of Mrs. Phillips-House talking with students about her students' projects.

Throughout the school year, Mrs. Juanita Phillips-House and her 5th grade students at Duchesne Elementary worked collaboratively on a Project-Based Learning (PBL) project that required students to build 3D models of their dream bedrooms using shoeboxes. On Tuesday, May 8, students presented their projects to other students in the entire school. This isn't your ordinary shoebox design project. Students worked with real representatives and engineers from entities such as Vatterott College and electrical companies to explain the process of putting a bedroom together from scratch while considering costs of furniture, room size, electrical wiring needs, and other criteria that students need to know if they were to actually build their rooms. 

"It was truly a joy getting to work with my students on this project," said Phillips-House. "From the time we began discussing the project through the day we presented, it was just an amazing journey watching my students learn how to apply real-world situations into this project. The goal of the project was to show students everything that factored into building their rooms such a developing a budget, working with flooring and electrical contractors, and so much more."