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Parker Road Collaborates With Community to Give to Children in Venezuela

An image of adults and volunteers serving food to children in Venezuela


Fourth grade students and staff at Parker Road Elementary School, in the Ferguson-Florissant School District, collaborated with St. Andrew United Methodist Church and Charity Christian Center to donate approximately 200 medium and large boxes of Christmas gifts to children in Venezuela. Students, staff, and the community also donated enough food to run Venezuela’s feeding program for half of 2019. 

“Everything started with my aunt and my brothers that live and serve children in the community where I was raised in Venezuela,” said Rodrigo Camacaro, head custodian at Parker Road. “The economy recently collapsed, so a lot of people are struggling there. We made it a project where our school and the churches came together to give these kids everything from toys, clothes, and shoes, to food.”

Camacaro connected with Sarah Jennings, a fourth-grade teacher at Parker Road, who developed a service project for her students to raise money and collect items to donate. Students not only orchestrated events to collect donations, but they also studied the economic climate in Venezuela. Students in second grade also formed pen pals with the children in Venezuela and mailed them letters with postage stamps to send letters back.

“In this community in Venezuela, there’s no food to buy,” said Tracy Shorly, assistant principal at Parker Road. “If there’s a need, then I know we have a strong family at Parker Road and a strong community that can resolve it. This wouldn’t be possible without our Parker Road family, our churches, and the many people from the community.”