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Positive Alternative Learning (PAL)

District Hearing Placements
If a student receives a 10+ day suspension from their home school they will be required to meet with the district hearing officer. In the case that the district hearing officer extends the students suspension, the student may be offered placement at MT for the duration of their suspension. If the student does not qualify for one of our specialized programs (A.T.C.O.P, Credit Recovery, Missouri Option - high school only programs) they will participate in our Positive Alternative Learning (P.A.L.) program serving elementary school students grades 3-5, middle school students 6-8, and high school students 9-12. Our P.A.L. classrooms offer a continuation of district curriculum and credit opportunities so that all students may continue their path towards grade level promotion and graduation. In addition, students in our program are supported through A.R.T, PBIS, Love and Logic, and Great Circle Therapy.
If your child has been referred to Mark Twain Student Support for placement by the Administration Center or the child's home school, please contact Ms. Kasmarzik to schedule an orientation date.   314-839-5959.