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Congratulations to the 2022 FFSD Retirees

Ferguson-Florissant School District would like to thank all of our retiring teachers and staff members for their years of dedication and service to our students and schools. With over 900 years of combined experience in the district, you have certainly helped make us #fergflorstrong. See the photo gallery here.           


            Terry Allen, Steam Middle/Administration Center, 20 years

            Elizabeth Anderson, Combs, 11 years

            Karen Antalick, Duchesne, 26 years

            Deborah Batson, Cross Keys Middle, 29 years

            Darren Brandt, Central, 24 years

            Leslie Brewer, Parker Road, 26 years

            Linda Calhoun, Griffith, 25 years

            Melanie Canaday, Ferguson Middle, 19 years

            Howell Clay, Transportation, 13 years

            Pamela Clay, Transportation, 13 years

            Elizabeth Davenport, Administration Center, 9 years

            Gina DiGerlando, Wedgwood, 22 years

            Susan Dodge, Robinwood, 30 years

            Philip Douglass, Cross Keys Middle, 16 years

            Thomas Dowling, McCluer North High, 23 years

            Robyn Drew, Griffith, 4 years

            Donald Finder, Facilities, 12 years

            Amy Freet, STEAM Middle, 17 years

            Patricia Gleghorn, Steam High, 25 years

            Juanita Gurski, Cross Keys/Ferguson Middle/STEAM Middle, 22 years

            Carla Hardin, Central, 26 years

             Edna Howard, Transportation, 17 years

             Farhad Jadali, Administration Center, 22 years

             Janine Jedding, Robinwood, 14 years

             Wyntra Johnson, Combs, 16 years

             Phyllis King, Transportation, 7 years

             Brenda Kostelecky, Transportation, 14 years

             Carolyn Kovar, McCluer North High, 15 years

             Eric Kuehn, McCluer North High, 10 years

             Stephanie Latson, Central, 10 years

             Melissa Lawrence, Combs, 27 years

             Heather Lindblad, Cross Keys Middle, 21 years

             Virgil McBride, Berkeley, 10 years

             Mae McGee, Walnut Grove, 6 years

             Regina Moncheski, Bermuda, 36 years

             Billie Moody, Bermuda, 22 years

              Valdes Ratcliff, Ferguson Middle, 8 years

              Carolyn Rodgers, Little Creek/Transportation, 30 years

              Paul Roziewski, Cross Keys Middle, 28 years

              Ronald Russell, McCluer High, 22 years

              Gene Stephens, McCluer High, 28 years

              Barbara Stephenson, Facilities, 22 years

              Elana Viviano, McCluer North High, 16 years

             Kevin Voepel, Administration Center, 22 years

             Geraldine Wilder, McCluer High, 12 years

             Annie Winston, Bermuda, 7 years

             Michelle Woepke-Fleig, Central, 33 years

             Margaret Yarbrough, Transportation, 25 years