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Inclement Weather Procedures

As we anticipate future winter weather, we want to remind families and staff of our inclement weather protocols. In the event that the District has to cancel school due to weather, we may have either an AMI (Alternative Methods of Instruction) virtual learning day or a traditional snow day. This will be determined by the superintendent and communicated at the district and building level. 

For the 2023-24 school year, our plan is to use the first day of inclement weather as a traditional snow day. This means the first day impacted by winter weather, schools and buildings will be closed. Teachers and students will not be expected to be online for virtual learning, and our staff members will not report to work unless otherwise directed by their supervisor. 

If we have to cancel school for more than one day due to weather, starting on the second snow day, the District will implement an AMI virtual learning day. On an AMI virtual learning day, families will receive communication from the District as well as specific instructions from your child’s school on how to access their AMI learning day through various online tools (Canvas, Clever, etc.) or preassigned work packets.

Students and staff should continue to bring their fully charged devices to and from school each day to be prepared in case we are out of buildings for an extended time period. 

As a reminder, any decision to close schools due to weather and use an AMI virtual learning day will be announced like all other weather-related closures using the District's automated messaging system, television stations, social media accounts, and the District website.

What will student learning look like on AMI days? 

On days when an AMI virtual learning day is assigned, online assignments through the District’s learning platform (Canvas, Clever, etc.) will be utilized and students should access their assignments using their district-issued device or work on the paper assignments sent home. Student attendance will be recorded on days when AMI is assigned and will be documented by the completion of assignments and/or online participation in activities and assignments. 

Teachers will be available from 9-11 a.m. and from 1-2 p.m. to provide assistance to students on AMI days. Students are expected to complete and submit learning activities. 

When an AMI Day is scheduled to be used, families will receive communication from your child's teacher with specific instructional information.