Each one of us will inevitably experience some conflict, but before conflict arises there are methods for heading off conflict altogether.

The concept of assuming best intent is not new. Overall, to assume best intent simply means that you opt to give people the benefit of the doubt, rather than assuming that they are out to get you.

Ways to negotiate conflict while assuming good intent include:

  • filter comments or emails that could be perceived as negative
  • assume good intent, but have a courageous conversation to clarify
  • be willing to ask your leaders to mediate not instigate
  • try to understand each other’s thought process or emotions that drove the behaviors
  • visit and collaborate to build relationships; avoid working in silos

Remember that private conversations where other distractions, frustrations, and opinions are removed often lead to a quick resolution of a problem.

At the end of the day, we each have a choice about how we communicate and interact with each other; at McCluer my goal is to model and set the tone for this positive mindset,  and I encourage you to react in a positive way when experiencing conflict with students.

Cedric M. Gerald M. Ed., MSA

McCluer High School Head Principal