Volunteer Application Process

  • 1. Review the Volunteer Handbook
  • 2. Watch the Volunteer Training Presentation
  • 3. Watch Safe Schools Training Videos Our volunteers are required to watch several mandatory Safe School training videos before they are approved to volunteer.

    Click the link above and enter your Username: Volunteer

    Once you log into the site, click on a course title to begin the training. Each course has audio, so be sure to turn up your speakers to listen. You must complete each section of the course in order to receive full credit.  
  • 4. Complete Volunteer Application Form
  • Complete Background Screening
  • If you have further questions, please contact Albert Harrold, Director of Family and Community Engagement. He can be reached at (314) 687-1924 or aharrold@fergflor.org .

    1. Volunteer applications and background check must be completed.
    2. Volunteers must never be alone with a student and work with students only in the presence of a District employee.
    3. We will make every effort to match your request for location and/or volunteer service.
    4. Results of the background check will be submitted to the Director of Family and Community Engagement, Albert Harrold, for approval.
    5. After the Director of Family and Community Engagement has reviewed your information, you will receive an email or call regarding your status.
    6. Once approved, you may have your photo taken and Ferguson-Florissant School District volunteer ID badge issued in the Communications and Marketing Office located in the Ferguson-Florissant School District Administration Building, 8855 Dunn Rd., Hazelwood, MO 63042. You may do this on your way to your first volunteer opportunity.
    7. You must present your volunteer ID badge each time you volunteer.
    Your Ferguson-Florissant School District SafeSchools contact: 
    Earl Joiner

Volunteering in FFSD

  • Code Of Ethics

  • How Children Learn

  • Tips for Volunteers