• PURPOSE: Our level system is designed to motivate students to change the behaviors that created educational/social barriers  for them at their home schools.

    DESCRIPTION:  The level system consists of four levels. The first, or probationary level, is designed to orient students to our program. Expectations include learning the rules, the point   system, and school procedures. The only privilege on level one is admittance to school. Students are closely monitored and movement is restricted. Promotion from one   level to the next is governed by several factors. Each student has a daily point sheet that is carried to class. Accumulation of points, passing grades, and demonstration   of progress in using pro-social skills is required. Each successive level places greater responsibility on the student.

    PROGRAM COMPONENTS:  The school day consists of class periods including: Peace Training (anger control, empathy, skill rehearsal and character education), computer-assisted instruction,   academic instruction, and group activities. Skills taught and practiced during the Peace Training sessions are monitored by the teachers throughout the day.

    HOW TO MOVE UP A LEVEL:  Every time you move up a level, you gain new privileges, but you must also take on greater responsibilities. In order to move from one level to the next, you must meet   several criteria.

    For moving from probation on Level 1 to Level 2, you are required to:

    1. Attend school every day.
    2. Complete 5 satisfactory days in a row on Level 1.
    3. Recommendation of teacher.
    4. Pass the test that covers the rules for Mark Twain.

    For moving from Level 2 to Level 3:

    1. Attend school every day.
    2. Complete 10 satisfactory days in a row on Level 2 (two of which must be outstanding).
    3. All academic work completed.
    4. Have all work completed at a passing level.  
    5. Pass the teacher review committee.

    For moving up to Level 4:

    1. Attend school every day.
    2. Complete 15 satisfactory days in a row on Level 3. 
    3. Complete three outstanding days in a row, or a total of six outstanding days on Level 3.
    4. Receive written recommendations from four staff members.
    5. All academic work completed.
    6. Write a letter to staff explaining your continued success on Level 3 and your desire to be a role model on Level 4.
    7. Pass the teacher review committee. 

    *Repeated unsatisfactory days may result in a level drop