• While attending the Student Support Center Program, you are expected to comply with the following rules (specific to MTSSC and in addition to all other FFSD guidelines) in all areas of your life, in and out of school.

    Physical Danger

    Rule #1 – Your actions must maintain a safe environment for yourself and others.

    Rationale – School should be a safe place for all, and we want to encourage students to practice safety in all environments.

    NO – Hitting, kicking, jabbing, pulling chairs, having a weapon (a weapon is anything that can be used or misused to harm another person), gesturing or physical threats.

    Instead – Keep hands to self and act in a manner that provides safety to others.

    Verbal Abuse

    Rule #2 – Your words must be appropriate.

    Rationale – Our purpose is to help and encourage one another, and everyone must feel respected and comfortable. Proper verbal statements can help prevent misunderstandings, quarrels and fights.

    NO – Name calling, cursing, sarcasm, shouting or getting in someone’s face, verbal threats or coercion.

    Instead – Call people by their names; use a normal volume and tone when speaking; listen; wait your turn to speak. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all. Inform adults of any potential conflicts immediately.

    Social Appropriateness

    Rule #3 – You must behave in a manner which is appropriate for being in public and not rude or disrespectful to others…show  your manners.

    Rationale – In order to be successful in a variety of settings, students must know how to behave in a manner which is socially appropriate.

    NO – Inappropriate bodily noises, touching, or attire.

    Instead – Excuse yourself when needed; say please, thank you and excuse me. Try not to offend others with your behaviors while also maintaining pride in yourself.


    Rule #4 – You must behave in a way that allows the lessons to continue smoothly.

    Rationale – Students are in school to learn. While in the MT Program, students are working on acquiring skills that will enable them to return to their home schools successfully.

    NO – Interrupting a lesson, continual entering or leaving classroom, being off-task or making inappropriate comments.

    Instead – Raise your hand; wait until you are called upon before speaking; enter and leave the room quietly; stay on task and contribute to learning in a positive way for you and others.

    Not Getting Along/Arguing

    Rule #5 – You must maintain positive interactions with visitors, staff, and peers.

    Rationale – We are working toward understanding others’ views and becoming more tolerant of those who disagree with us.

    NO – Continuing to voice an opinion after both people have expressed their ideas and understand each other.

    Instead – When both people have expressed their ideas and understand each other, drop the subject or do something else; and agree to disagree.