The Student Support Center school day is divided into class periods. These class periods include academics, computer-assisted instruction, and the Peace Curriculum (anger control, skill rehearsal, empathy and character education). The district curriculum is adhered to for support of the Missouri Learning Standards. Social skills are also reinforced through role-playing, discussions and creative thinking activities, utilizing the A.R.T (Aggression Replacement Training) model, and Great Circle therapy.


    While participating in the Mark Twain alternative program, students move through levels of increased responsibility and privileges as they incorporate pro-social skills into their repertoire of behaviors. The program is designed for students to stay through the entirety of a placement/suspension or until they are ready to be re-engaged into their home schools. Student progress reports, including grades, are submitted to the home school and students are then referred for readmission to their regular classes (a re-entry hearing will need to be scheduled through the home school).



    All students who attend the Student Support Center MUST ride District provided transportation. Bus information will be provided during student orientation. Parents/Students MUST have administrative approval (from Ms. Karius) before students may drive or be dropped off at school by any means other than a FFSD bus.


    Daily attendance is considered essential. Parents are asked to call Mrs. Anderson (314) 839-5959 ext. 221 to report any absence. Students may be dropped from the program for excessive absences. While we understand illness and unforeseen circumstances do occur, WE EXPECT 90% ATTENDANCE FROM ALL STUDENTS.


    Elementary School (grades 3-5) 8:00-2:30 High School AM (grades 9-12, MoOpt, Credit Recovery) 8:00-11:30

    Middle School AM (grades 6-8) 8:00-11:30 High School PM (grades 9-12, MoOpt, Credit Recovery)   11:30-2:30

    Middle School PM (grades 7-8) 11:30-2:30


    School breakfast and lunches are available. Anything not eaten during the breakfast or lunch period must be thrown away. Students may not bring food or drink into the classroom.