• Welcome to the Guidance/Counseling Page!

    At Combs Elementary School we pride ourselves on practicing our SPRRC traits every day.

    SPRRC stands for Safe, Peaceful, Responsible, Respectful and Cooperative.  


    The guidance counselor will help to ensure the social/emotional health of the students.  Acting as an advocate for the students and families at Combs is another important role of the counselor.  Also, resources will be provided as needed to ensure student success. 

    Topics for classroom guidance will fluctuate throughout the school year. 

    Some topics will be suggested by teachers and other staff members. 

    Other topics are deemed necessary to promote student safety and success. 


    Planned Topics Include:  

    September: Bullying/Harassment

    October: Peer Pressure/Red Ribbon Week 

    November: Determination

    December: School Success

    January: Careers

    February: Self-Concept

    March: Careers

    April: Goal Setting

    May: Transition

    Mrs. Wulf

    Mrs. Liz Wulf
    Guidance Counselor

    Phone: (314) 831-0411 ext 1500
    Email: ewulf@fergflor.org