• Students who attend the STEAM Academy are required to wear the following attire for the 2020-2021 school year (the embroidered items and ties can be purchased at Fishers Uniforms):

    • Embroidered Navy blazer *requirment is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19
    • Embroidered Cardigan-not required if the student currently has a blazer
    • Embroidered oxford shirts
    • Khaki pants or shorts (no cargo)
    • Khaki skirts or skorts
    • Plaid 37, navy ready tie, cross tie, or bow tie
    • A solid brown or black belt must be worn for any items requiring a belt
    • Solid navy, white, black or red socks
    • Black or white shoes or sneakers (primary colors are black or white)
    • P.E. uniform - grey shirt and navy athletic shorts or Fisher's PE Uniform with tennis shoes
    • School ID-will be provided by the school

    Due to COVID-19, Fischers Uniforms will offer embroidered cardigans to the STEAM Academy Middle School during the 20-21 school year.  the offering is to reduce the amount of in-store fittings.  once we are COVID-19 safe, students will need to purchase a blazer.  At that time they will need to schedule an instore fitting.  

    Special non-uniform days will be scheduled throughout the year and as rewards for accomplishments.


    • First violation – Teacher will send note home with uniform policy attached, to be signed and returned.
    • Second violation – Principal or designee will contact parent that a second violation has occurred and clothing must be brought to school.
    • Third violation – Parent conference and review of uniform policy and consequences of future violations discussed.  School uniform clothing brought to school.
    • Fourth violation – Detention and uniform clothing brought to school.
    • Future violations will be considered an act of insubordination and will be handled as such in accordance with the Ferguson-Florissant School District Student Expectation Code.

    Clothing and accessories that detract from the educational process are not permitted.  We expect our students to maintain a level of dress conducive to learning that does not disturb the learning environment.