Below is the information regarding the STEAM Academy Middle School Dress Code for the 22-23 School year. First, let’s review the WHY behind STEAM Academy uniforms:


    STEAM Uniforms -The WHY:

    • Success - When students dress for success, academic gains are made

    • Safety - Requiring school uniforms enhances school safety

    • Savings - Purchasing uniform pieces saves $ over time

    • Social Harmony - Comparisons and brand competitions are minimized

    • Spirit - Dressing in our uniform indicates you belong here 

    Students who attend STEAM Middle School are required to wear the following attire (the embroidered items and ties must be purchased at Fischers Uniforms):


    • Embroidered Navy blazer - every Wednesday beginning on Sept. 14

    • Embroidered Oxford shirt

    • Embroidered cardigan - (Optional)

    • Khaki pants or shorts (no cargo)

    • Khaki skirts or skorts

    • Solid Navy or black leggings may be worn under Khaki skirts

    • A solid color long sleeve undershirt/T-shirt may be worn under the Oxford shirt (a sweatshirt or hoodie should not be worn)

    • Plaid 37 or navy ready tie, cross tie, or bow tie

      • Plaid 37 pairs with Middle School Oxford

    • A solid brown or black belt must be worn for any items requiring a belt

    • Solid navy, white, black or red socks

    • Black or white shoes or sneakers (primary colors are black or white)

    • P.E. uniform - gray t-shirt and navy mesh shorts and tennis shoes 

      • Fischers has an optional P.E. uniform with STEAM’s logo

    • Clear backpack

    • School ID -  (will be provided by the school)

    *Eighth-grade students may wear the STEAM High Oxford Shirt or the STEAM High Embroidered Navy blazer.


    A few important Notes about our STEAM Middle Uniform:

    • We have 2 approved outerwear options (cardigans and blazers).   These are the only approved uniform outerwear pieces.  We will have a blazer day every Wednesday beginning on September 14.  Uniform violations are given on blazer days to students that do not wear their blazer.  Students may wear their STEAM cardigan or blazer any other day of the week.  Coats, jackets, hoodies, etc… will be put away during the school day.

    • Hats, head coverings and hoods are not approved with the STEAM Middle uniform, but may be worn for religious practices followed by individual scholars and their families, on dress down/spirit wear days, or with special permission from Dr. Ries.

    • Scholars or families seeking uniform assistance may email kwilliams2@fergflor.org.


    • 1st and 2nd violation – Teacher to have a conversation with student and email sent to parents from office.

    • 3rd violation – Teacher to have a conversation with student and phone call home to parents from office. 

    • 4th violation – lunch detention assigned by Dr. Ries. 

    • Future violations will be considered an act of insubordination and will be handled as such in accordance with the Ferguson-Florissant School District Student Expectation Code.


    Special non-uniform days will be scheduled throughout the year and will be available as spirit days and rewards for accomplishments.


    Fischers is our uniform source.  Please shop online or in the store so you are ready for the 2022-23 School year to begin!  https://www.fischersuniforms.com/