The mission of McCluer High School is to provide challenging educational experiences that will inspire and empower ALL students to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and become responsible citizens who carry themselves with integrity in an ever-changing world.


    McCluer High School will produce students who are college and career ready.  Our students will possess the skills, attitudes, and abilities to make a positive impact in our local and global communities.


    We will accomplish this mission and vision by adhering to the following values:

    We will develop students who demonstrate persistence, strive for accuracy, question and pose problems, apply past knowledge to new situations, think and communicate with clarity and precision, utilize technology, and gather data and information.

    We will develop students who can listen to others with understanding and empathy, manage impulsivity, and take personal responsibility for their learning.

    We will actively promote parent and community involvement in the education of our students.

    We will employ the Data Team process to collaboratively and continuously reflect on our educational practices to improve student learning.