• The guidance curriculum focuses on the following skills: Bully Free, Safe Touch (sexual harassment), Being a Responsible Student, Friendship Skills, Healthy Relationships, Anger Management, and Career Awareness.  Each month students will participate in a 30 minute classroom guidance lesson.  A few times throughout the school year, approved outside agencies will present lessons that focus on Building and Maintaining Friendships.

    I'm here to support your student's academic, behavioral, social and emotional growth.  We offer therapeutic services through various programs: CHADS, Great Circle, Pinocchio and our District Social Worker.  Further information about these programs can be found on this web page. 

    Please contact me regarding questions you have about our PROBE gifted program (starting at 2nd grade), referrals for Special School District, or a 504.  I look forward to working with you and your student(s) this year.  Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns you have.  Have a wonderful school year! 



Family Mental Health Resources


  • Tamara Cox
    School Counselor for Bermuda
    Phone: 314-524-4821, ext. 1500
    Fax: 314-375-4840
    Email: tcox@fergflor.org
  • Kate Obermeier
    Social Worker for Bermuda
    (314) 824-2048 office
    (314) 213-0714 cell