• Our mission is to create active learning environments that are clearly focused on learner outcomes, which all students are expected to master. Therefore we will motivate, encourage, and expect our students to learn and excel and will provide sufficient time and opportunity for students to demonstrate success.

  • We believe that all of our students are capable of learning when given an environment that provides appropriate structure, positive reinforcement and varied instructional strategies designed to meet individual needs.

    We accept the responsibility for providing this environment for all of our students through the use of materials and learning activities relevant to the child's experience, learning style, and instructional level.

    We commit ourselves to these ideals with the knowledge that the child also needs the active support and involvement of parents to reinforce and encourage academic achievement.

    Duchesne staff members will be relentless at using the best teaching skills, acquiring the best teaching skills, and seeking out new skills to support our core purpose and in proving rigorous academic and social learning opportunities.