• This year all classes have been exploring and using the Elements and Principles of Art. All grades usually have their own projects but ocassionally two grades may share the same project. We use a variety of media--different types of paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils/color sticks, chalk/oil pastels, textiles, modeling materials, printmaking, found objects, glues, a variety of papers in different weights, etc. Students are exposed to Art History and the Art Masters. They are encouraged to use their creativity and to consider themselves "artists" when working in the Duchense Art "Studio", especially since we all started as artists the first time we made a mark on paper as toddlers to our parents' amazement. The purpose of Duchense's K-6 Art Classes is to give students a solid foundation for the rest of their art experieces in Middle and High Schools and even beyond. Artwork will be featured at the Ferguson Florissant Administration Center (upstairs) during the month of April. Everyone is invited to view our masterpieces!

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