• Mr. Garvey and Mrs. Kinworthy’s second grade classes have had such a fun year of learning so far. This year in math we have learned all about place value, money, addition and subtraction just to name a few. We have been working on adding and subtracting larger numbers with regrouping to prepare for third grade. We have been doing this through movement, song and independent practice. In reading we have been learning different strategies to better comprehend books that we are reading. These strategies include comparing and contrasting different books and characters with one another and making inferences about the stories that we are reading on our own and together in class. If the weather is nice we LOVE to read outdoors. We have really grown a lot so far this year as readers and are excited to continue to do so. In writing we have been working on narrative writing, information writing, poetry, and plan to continue the year with opinion writing. This year has brought us so much joy as we have been learning and growing together as learners and people. 

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