Halls Ferry
  • Halls Ferry Intermediate School 

    Mission and Vision


    All learners will graduate believing anything is possible and prepared to realize those possibilities.



    We provide high quality instruction to every student in every neighborhood while prioritizing equity and compassionate relationships.



    Our Core Values:

    Student Centered: 

    We use an equity lens to focus our policies, our actions, and our resources on students academic, social-emotional, and physical well-being.


    We have high expectations for all of our students and are relentless about providing high quality, culturally competent teaching and resources to meet those expectations.


    We ensure our students are ready for a dynamic, ever-changing world by exploring real world issues and promoting curiosity and critical thinking to find innovative solutions.


    We build relationships across our schools and community to ensure everyone feels welcomed, heard, and involved as agents of positive change to create access and opportunities for students.