About Our NAF Academy

  • McCluer North High School has three NAF Academies preparing our students for their futures. Our NAF Academy themes include: engineering, finance, and biomedical studies


    Curriculum and Instruction

    NAF curricula is created in partnership with industry professionals and is designed around projects that help students make connections across subject areas, acquire valuable workplace skills, and see their education as a step toward long- term career success. You can learn more about the courses here.

Work-Based Learning

  • NAF academy students participate in a sequence of workbased learning activities which prepares them to make informed college and career choices and allows them to acquire necessary college- and career-readiness skills. The first phase of work-based learning, career awareness, includes activities such as guest speakers, worksite tours, and career fairs. Students dive deeper through work-based learning’s next phase: career exploration. During this phase students participate in job shadows, mock interviews, and informational interviews. Students are then ready to start an internship during the third and final phase – career preparation.


  • Advisory Boardhand

  • Through local advisory boards, NAF enables businesspeople and community leaders to play an active role in developing their future workforce by shaping talent in high school. They meet regularly to provide guidance on industry-relevant curriculum and organize work-based learning activities.


NAF Innovation High School
Innovation High School student
Innovation High School BF