• Birthdays are special.  The Principal recognizes birthdays as well as most teachers. Non-perishable items may be shared with classmates (i.e. pencils, stickers).  Birthday Treats may also be provided ONLY if they are a healthy snack to abide by FFSD Wellness Guidelines.  We have an increasing number of children with a variety of food allergies. Click the following link to have the option to purchase birthday treats from the district.  These treats will be delivered to your child's classroom.  Birthday Treat Menu

    Please contact your child’s teacher BEFORE bringing any items to school.   Treats, balloons or party decoration sent or brought to school will be sent back home. Invitations to birthday parties (or any parties) are not allowed to be passed out at school unless the entire class (all of the girls, all of the boys or everyone in the class) is invited.  Please be sensitive to all children’s’ feelings.