"Where Excellence is the Standard"


    We will create an environment enriched in rigorous academic and social learning opportunities. Staff will nurture and encourage each child to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be a positive, contributing citizen in the environment in which they live, play and attend school.


    We believe it is important to cultivate a love of learning by providing a positive environment where children question, grow through knowledge and build strength of character. We will encourage and support each child to reach their potential.

  • The History of Robinwood Elementary School.

    Robinwood School was built in 1958. It is a one-level building containing 18 classrooms not including special purpose rooms. The school’s innovative design includes outside entrances to classrooms as well as each classroom sharing restroom facilities with only one other classroom. A library addition was constructed in 1988. The building contains 32,982 square feet and is on an 8.0 acre site at 955 Derhake in Florissant. In 1990 Robinwood became the first elementary school in North County to receive the U.S. Department of Education’s “Blue Ribbon School” Award which is part of the State and National Exemplary Schools Award Program. Robinwood School’s first Principal was Harold Lisak (1958-1976). The present Principal is Mr. Sean Joyce.


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