• Based on input from students, parents, staff, community members, business and higher education leaders, the District has developed a Graduate Profile. Through this process we have identified specific indicators to measure our graduates’ readiness for success in college and life. 

    1. Communicator

    ○ Listens to understand others

    ○ Clearly articulate ideas when writing, speaking, and visually, adapting messages to fit the purpose and needs of the audience

    2. Collaborator

    ○ Works effectively with others to accomplish a common goal

    ○ Engages in positive and productive conflict resolution

    3. Innovator

    ○ Explores multiple possibilities and evaluates relevant information in order to

    enact change

    ○ Perseveres through challenges by using obstacles as opportunities to learn, reflect, and improve

    4. Citizen

    ○ Demonstrates civic engagement by applying knowledge and practical skills to improve communities

    ○ Posses other mindedness & equity

    5. Mastery Learner

    ○ Demonstrates mastery of content standards

    ○ Applies content knowledge to real world situations, and transfers knowledge across various contexts and disciplines