• According to the National School Public Relations Association, nothing is more important in building trust and support between a school district and the public it serves than the quality of a district's communications. The process of communicating with all audiences involves listening as well as conveying information. Open communication with the district's students, staff, parents, patrons and the public, in general, is essential for the school district to operate effectively. The Ferguson-Florissant School District is committed to maintaining a systematic effort to communicate with its public using available, effective media and mediums.

    Key Areas of Responsibility

    • Media Relations
    • Crisis Communication
    • Community Engagement
    • Publicity and Promotion of District Activities/Events
    • District Publications
    • Management of District Website and Social Media
    • Special Events
    • Liaison to District and Community Groups

Who Do I Contact?

Kevin Hampton
  • Kevin Hampton
    Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
    (314) 687-1913

    Charlene Goston
    Communications & Marketing Specialist
    (314) 687-1922

    Onye Hollomon
    Communications & Marketing Specialist
    (314) 687-1921

    Levi Matthews
    Communications & Marketing Specialist
    (314) 687-1923

    Vicki Witte
    Administrative Assistant
    (314) 687-1913