• Based on input over the last fifteen months from students, parents, staff, community members, business and higher education leaders, the District has been developing a Graduate Profile. Through this process we have identified specific indicators to measure our graduates’ readiness for success in college and life. 

    1. Communicator

    ○ Listens to understand others

    ○ Clearly articulate ideas when writing, speaking, and visually, adapting message

    to fit the purpose and needs of the audience

    2. Collaborator

    ○ Works effectively with others to accomplish a common goal

    ○ Engages in positive and productive conflict resolution

    3. Innovator

    ○ Explores multiple possibilities and evaluates relevant information in order to

    enact change

    ○ Perseveres through challenges by using obstacles as opportunities to learn,

    reflect, and improve

    4. Citizen

    ○ Demonstrates civic engagement by applying knowledge and practical skills to

    improve communities

    ○ other mindedness & equity

    5. Mastery Learner

    ○ Demonstrates mastery of content standards

    ○ Applies content knowledge to real world situations, and transfers knowledge

    across various contexts and disciplines

    Below are three possible graphic choices to represent our graduate profile. The chosen graphic will be dynamic with links to the indicators.  Each District school will develop a graduate profile that links their work to the District graduate profile.  Share your input through our survey here.

    Light Bulb Graduate Profile Graphic Graduate Profile Logo-Based Graphic Graduate Profile Globe and Rocket Graphic