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2023-24 Online Registration and Enrollment for Pre-K - 12th Grade - Open Now

  • New Student Enrollment

    If your child has never attended a school in this district (including parents as teachers and/or preschool), please click the link below and click on REGISTER NEW FAMILY. 

    Click here to enroll as a new student

    *Once you have completed the online process, await a contact from both Admissions and next your child's home school - who will assign a class and schedule their first day of attendance.  

    Locate Your School

    If you are unsure which school your child(ren) will attend, go online, type your address in the box and click “Find School” to find your school. You can find the list of Ferguson-Florissant schools on the website.

    Pre-K Enrollment

    If you are registering a Pre-K student, please click the link below for additional steps required to complete the registration process.  All students must receive a free developmental screening prior to being placed in a classroom.  To schedule a screening, contact the Early Education Office at  * Please note bus transportation is not provided.

    Click here to enroll a Pre-K student

    *Once you have completed the online process, you will receive an email from the Admissions Office stating that your enrollment has been approved and/or processed. Keep this email for confirmation.  Once a spot becomes available in the Early Education program, you will receive a call from the Early Education office letting you know that your child has been placed in a classroom.   


    Currently Enrolled Students or families that need to add a new student

    If your child is currently attending a school in this district, you will need to go to the parent portal to complete your online verification forms for the 22-23 school year.

    • Remember when logging in, your username is your email address.
    • To ADD A NEW STUDENT - While in the parent portal completing the forms, click on "Student Information" - At the bottom left there is a tab that says ADD A STUDENT.  Click on that tab and add your NEW student to your family. 
    • If you encounter obstacles verifying TylerSIS information in the Parent Portal, call home school office professionals who can assist you with some trouble shooting. 

    Click here to access your parent portal

    Returning Student Enrollment

    If you previously had ANY children attend a school in our district (including parents as teachers and/or preschool) and you would now like to re-enroll that student or add new students to your family, please click the link below.

    • Remember when logging in, your username is your email address. 
    • If you don't remember the email address you previously used, please call the Admissions office. 

    Click here to RE-ENROLL your student

    Did you know you most FFSD Families can complete New Student Enrollment and/or Current Student TylerSIS Verification completely online and without an appointment? 

    It's true! Here are some helpful strategies:

    • Use your personal cell phone, computer, or electronic device to enroll new students and/or to verify TylerSIS for your returning students.
    • Upload documents to the parent portal using photos, or scanned documents (try Adobe Scan - it's a free App).
    • Avoid the lines and enroll or verify from the comfort of your own home.
    • If you need assistance with TylerSIS verification, your scholar's home school Office Professional is happy to assist you.
    • If you need extra assistance, please make an appointment and join us at the Vogt Welcome Center - our Admissions Team is happy to help!

    Advantages of Enrolling and/or Completing TylerSIS Verification early:

    • Families avoid enrollment crowds
    • Families can receive individualized attention, if needed
    • Students start school on time
    • Teachers can best prepare for your students
    • Families can avoid the stress of trying to enroll right before school begins

    Once you have completed the online process, await a contact from both the FFSD Admissions Office and then your child's home school - who will assign a class and schedule their first day of attendance.

    No Access to Enroll Online? Schedule an Appointment to Register

    If you do not have a way to enroll or verify online or require further assistance that can not be done online through Parent Portal Registration, then you may schedule an appointment. 

    This will allow you access to a district computer to process your online enrollment/ verification and meet with an Admissions staff member.  Please bring your required documents with you for your appointment.  The appointment can be scheduled on a cell phone here: then choose Ferguson-Florissant School District, FFSD Admissions Registration 2022-2023

    Vogt Welcome Center (gymnasium)

    200 Church St.

    Ferguson, MO  63135


Vogt Welcome Center: Admissions Office

  • Monday - Friday

    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    (314) 824 - 2035

    *Some extended Office Hour Appointments are Available on MyConferenceTime during 23-24 Enrollment

  • Vogt Welcome Center: Admissions Team

    200 Church St. Rm 106
    Ferguson, MO 63135

    Fax: 314-310-6143

    Joyce Reed
    Office Manager of Admissions

    Student Records Custodian

    Mary Schmidt
    Admissions Office Professional

    Oliver Ruzicka
    McKinney Vento and Students in Transition Office Professional