• Missouri Connections

    Students and parents have access to a career and college readiness tool called Missouri Connections. Missouri Connections is a comprehensive, online, career development and planning program that helps students learn about their talents, skills, and interests and makes the connection between planning for continued education and the work world.

    What Can Missouri Connections Do for Me?

    Determining your future is a life-long journey that requires many decisions along the way. Multiple opportunities await you, so prepare yourself for any option. The decisions are yours! Missouri Connections is a tool to help you make those decisions, create your plan and achieve success as you define it. It is a "one- stop-shop" that takes your education and career planning to a higher level.

    With Missouri Connections you can:

    • Better understand yourself, explore your interests, and discover your talents.
    • Investigate education and career options so you can create a Personal Plan of Study or "MyPlan" that is right for you.
    • Use the abundant resources for college and training exploration, finding options to finance your future education, understanding employment skills, and learning about high demand jobs in careers that interest you.
    • Make the connection between school, learning, and your future in the work world.
    • Develop a plan as you find answers to these important questions:
      • Who Am I?
      • Where Am I Headed?
      • How Do I Get There?

  • Career Pathways

    Below is a map of the six career paths and the sixteen career clusters. These career paths may help to determine areas of interest and to plan studies that are in line with interests, abilities, and career goals. Click on the image below to learn more about each area.
                                       Career Clusters