• College Entrance

    Many four-year colleges require more academic high school credits in several academic areas than does the Ferguson Florissant comprehensive diploma. School counselors have extensive college admission requirement information.
  • Admission Information for First-time Freshman Students

    The University of Missouri System has a uniform policy for admission of freshman students to its four campuses. The procedure for regular admission from high school is based on high school class rank, performance on a standardized college aptitude test, and required high school units. Any high school graduate may be admitted with evidence indicating the fulfillment of the following requirements:

    At least 17 units of credit (One unit=one year in class) as follows:

    • English: Four units. Two units emphasizing composition or writing skills. One of the remaining two units may be in speech or debate.

    • Mathematics: Four units (Algebra 1 and higher)

    • Science: Three units not including general science, one of the three units must be a laboratory course

    • Social Studies: Three units

    • Fine Arts: One unit

    • Foreign Language: Two units of a single foreign language

    • Math and foreign language units may be accepted from middle/junior high school.

  • In addition to the 17-unit requirement, each applicant will be evaluated on high school rank and test score (ACT or SAT). Applicants with an ACT composite score of 24 or higher, SAT Total (Critical Reading and Math scores) of 1090 or higher, or redesigned SAT of 1160 or higher, will be admitted without regard to class rank.

    If the ACT Composite score is between 17 to 23, SAT Total (Critical Reading and Math scores) is between 820 to 1080, or the redesigned SAT Total is between 900 to 1150, the applicant must meet the following high school class rank requirement or core GPA to qualify for admission.

                                                                      ACT Scores

  • A Comparison of Colleges & Universities

    Find the college that's the best fit for you by using U.S. News and World Report college compare tool. See how colleges stack up against one another by ranking, alumni salary, tuition and financial aid, and admissions data.      
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