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October 17 is College & Career Future Ready Day!

As part of continuing efforts to provide services that support student access to college and career readiness opportunities, April 18 is College & Career Future Ready Day. This day is set aside for all 9th-12th grade students to take a college and career readiness exam. Freshmen will take the Pre-ACT 8/9. Sophomores will take the Pre-ACT. Juniors & Seniors will take either the ACT, ACT Work Keys or Accuplacer. The tests will be administered during the regular school day on Tuesday, October 17 – Attendance is Required – Make Sure You Attend School on 10/17!

All high school students, including students who participate in dual enrollment or attend North Tech, are required to attend their home school and participate in the mandatory testing day. 

College and Career Ready Assessments:

  • 9 th Grade – PreACT 8/9

  • 10 th Grade – PreACT

  • 11 th /12 th Grades – ACCUPLACER or ACT WorkKeys or ACT Exam

Important reminders:

  • Students who are taking the ACCUPLACER or ACT WorkKeys need to bring their fully charged Chromebooks.

  • Students should arrive at school on time and bring their IDs and calculator.

  • Get a good night’s rest.

  • Cell phones, smart watches, etc. must be powered off and stored in the Yondr pouches.

Students are encouraged to do their best and should apply the following test-taking strategies:

  • Using scratch papers/annotating in the test booklet;

  •  Using elimination to make reasonable answer choices;

  •  Managing time; and

  •  Bring an appropriate calculator for the ACT Exam.

 Please feel free to reach out to your student’s counselor with any questions.  


Why take the ACT or Accuplacer?

  • Get an early glance at the ACT and increase your comfortability with test items.

  • Provides a predicted ACT test score to see where you stand with the opportunity for growth.

  • It offers a wealth of information to help you get the start you need to be college ready.

  • Reports include information about student interests that counselors can use to advise students in thinking about college majors and careers.

  • Completes your college admissions application, which may be a requirement at the college of your choice.

  • Have you already taken the ACT? No problem. This allows you to take it again with the chance to increase your score and increase access to scholarship opportunities.