• Welcome to the office of Research, Accountability, and Technology Services.

    Our department develops and implements strategic and annual plans, which provide technology methods for classroom instruction and administrative systems for support of the District’s instructional goals and administrative needs. We are involved in all aspects of management inclusive of budgeting, project management, district-wide systems information training, team evaluation, board reports, cabinet reports, and evaluation of vendors representing the district’s best interest. We develop, direct and implement systems emphasizing technology planning, budgeting, purchasing decisions, staff development activities, curricular support. We serve as a liaison between the District and local, state, and national technology organizations. We are responsible for reporting of core data information in accordance with state timelines and requirements as outlined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). We reinforce data usage and understanding among all staff. We develop of various web software for data collection, analysis, and reporting. We are responsible for compliance with DESE's annual Performance Report (APR).